Week with adventures and training for nature- and dog-loving, active people

In this autumn-week on two days the main part consists of training our dogs, like in our musher workshop. You will help feeding in the kennels, supporting while training on wheels or maybe already on skies. You will learn some facts about working with dogs, help us with preparing and follow-up work - and of course you will cuddle a lot with our 4legged friends..

The difference are the 2 active outdoor days (with 2 hiking trips and a biking tour including lunch on open fire) on which you as a family stand in the focus. The special content of your holidays are 2 overnights in our wilderness cabin Aittokoksi, which gave this week its name. 2 months before the main season starts, in october, our focus lays not only in strength-endurance-training our dogs but also on preparation-work for the winter. Amongst other things the stakeout in front of the Aittokoski should be prepared and in addition to that 10-15 dog houses must be set up. This we want to do together while staying there, so that you can enjoy a mixture between hiking and biking, a little bit of outdoor-work, sauna and a lot of cabin-life with conversations in front of the chimney, before heading back to Eräkeskus.

Why Eräkeskus?

  • Because you`ll find silence and nature - in contrast to middle europe.
  • Because you will feel very comfortable, as a part of the "family"
  • Because we like to share our passion with you and introduce you to the world of sleddogs.
  • very simple: because late autumn and early winter are fascinating seasons”.
  • and because you as a family will have a quite pretty mixture of outdoor activities, combined with the experience "dog" and plenty of time to discover surroundings on your own.

Activity Profile: grade "0"

For this program, no special fitness level is required. Being a nature’s lover and/or having an interest in sleddogs in widely enough!