Detailled Week-Program

Day 1 - 3, Saturday - Monday

arrival - get to know the kennels - training 

Day 1/Saturday:
Anrrival, Transfer to Eräkeskus, room reference and dinner in the lodge.

Day 2/Sunday:
After having arich breakfast you will get to know one of our big kennels. You`re welcome to help feedin gand cleaning the kennel before noon and we are going to tell you much about the dogs. We will also explain the different harnesses, you will help harnessing the dogs for the first teams and support us in giving water after the dog-teams return. After lunch we  dedicate ourselves the various training vehicles and to the resulting different training focuses. You will get instructions for driving the quad or cart or, depending on your booking, already with skies.

In the afternoon you are part of the training and drive you`re own team or sitting as a co-driver. There is enough time to relax until having dinner, afterwards we discuss what to do in our bagpacks for the 3day-trip to the wilderness cabin Aittokoski. 

Day 3/Monday:
After breakfast we pack our bags, the transfer and your guide for hiking are ready prepared. Arrived at the hanging bridge Pälvekoski we start hiking for 13km up north, along the river. Half the way we reach the Valama hut, have a lunch-break on open fire with view to the river before continue hiking to the cabin. There we will heat up the Aittokoski, have a coffee and afterwards we attach the tree protection and start preparing the stakeout for sled-tours in winter time. Later one of us starts heating up the sauna at the pond, the other ones will prepare dinner and then the evening ends cozy by the fireplace before crawling into the sleeping bags..



Day 4 - 6, Tuesday - Thursday

Hiking - hut life and -set up - training

Day 4/Tuesday:

Today we wanna hike on the Karhunpolku, target is the Otroskoski hut located at the shore of river Jongunjoki. There we will have lunch on open fire before hiking back to Aittokoski. Having a coffee after return we will heat up the cabin and then start setting up 12-15 dog houses. To finnish our day one of us will heat up and prepare the wooden saune, the other ones could start making dinner - or just relaxing..

Day 5/Wednesday:

Being well rested our day starts after beakfast. We pack our bags, fill up the wood, clean up the cabin ad sweep the floor and drive back to Eräkeskus. There you have time at your disposal, could go fo a walk with our retired dogs, watch training the dogs, or row the boat, try to go for a run with a dog on belly belt or just realx.

Day 6/Thursday:

In the morning you are welcome to help feeding the dogs in one of our 2 kennels, after breakfast we start training again. Different team, aged various, with different distances and needs will be trained until sun set. You could drive with your own team or join us as a co-driver - as you want! Before having dinner in the evening we heat up the eletrician sauna if you like.




Day 7 - 8, Friday - Saturday

Family-Bike-Tour and farewell dinner

Tag 7/ Friday:

After breakfast we pack a little bag, prepare the bikes for a 12km-trip to the laavu at Mukavaara. Arrived we could watch the rapids explore the sourroundings befor making fire for our bbq-lunch. Later we are going to drive back to Eräkeskus and you`ll have the rest of the afternoon at your disposal. You are very welcome to watch or help training our dogs. We could heat up the wooden sauna for you where you can review the day, before having dinner in the evening.

Day 8/ Saturday:

Farewell is approaching.. After breakfast your will drive to the airport on your own or by Eräkeskus-transfer.  It is time to go home - or you extend your stay by a few days....