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14.01.2020 00:00

Ice, Spikes & Bordertrail

Yes, we did have already easier starts into new years...! The frustrating Up and Down of the temperatures is not yet coming to an end! The deeply missed snow in masses has not yet arrived. The last week was - due to the very icy trails - really difficult to drive.  Also the week now, nbr 3, is not getting easier. Trainingdays 1 & 2 were done on ok-trails, now we expect the next plus-degrees for tomorrow. Not what we hoped for and what our trails would need. The lakes are still frozen, but blank ice mostly, easy to skate on, but impossible to put a snowhook and stop a team. So we avoid lake-parts at the moment, although they are easy to drive. Spikes under the shoes help a lot at the moment! Model "Frank" is real hardcore-style, but very effective! If you have some spikes at home and plan to come here next weekend: take them with you!

The frist bordertrail of the 2020 started yesterday!. On the way to our cabin Aittokoski, the group with Alex, Dennis, Frank, Mark and 24 dogs had to cross a few wet parts, where ditches gone open again. But they arrived in good time and today they are heading south to Olkikoski. More pictures to follow!

We would love to get constant minus degrees and a lot of snow! Let's hope for nicer pictures for the next news! Until then: we make the best out of the situation and enjoy not freezing on the sled...!