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10.06.2021 00:00

Team Summer 2021

Soon we celebrate Midsummer and our team is "in the flow". Sadly the borders are still closed for tourism, but we are tired to talk about the same theme all the time. Meanwhile: get to know the team of summer 2021:Caro loves to take care of the puppies. David loves to carry heavy tree-trunks from A to B. Frieda supervises the dogs in the pool and is very relaxed. Manon has fun in the Aittokoski with storing the doghouses weatherproof. Moritz loves to be on the water; also Theresa has a lot of fun in the kayak. The 2 "New" ones Theresa and David are by now well trained in one of the kennels. Moritz is 2 months ahead and moving like an old hand, no matter if it is in the kennels or with the chainsaw or whatever. Frieda and Caro as long-standers do all the jobs anyhow with a relaxed routine, having everything under control. Our Erasmus-Manon is a great help and talented cook/baker, we regret a lot that half of her time is already over. And somewhere in the middle of all those, also the Oldie Simone moves around, a lot in the old kennels, in the new kennels, a lot in the office, doing whatever is needed.  
The teamspirit is just great - the freshed-up team was pushing forward many of the big summer projects:  

  • All the yard around Aittokoski was worked on: trees cut, ready made firewood for the whole year, cleaned up all the forests. We reported about that separately on Facebook. 
  • Also our complete yard of almost 3 ha was cleaned up, some trees cut, bushes cut out, lawncutter and trimmer are in regular use. Everything looks just perfect!
  • The project Lumi-kennel-row goes to the final phase tomorrow, when we start to build up the new kennels. More than 30 selfmade kennel-elements were built and are ready, also the wooden floor with a strong basement of tree trunks is ready. We will report on that project also separately when finished. 
  • The pool in the old kennels was made ready already a week ago and now the dogs are happy about the refreshing wet everyday. 

Besides all those "summer-jobs" and the normal kennel-tasks, there is plenty of time in the evenings (or also during the day) to go to the water or in the water, with a SUP, with a kayak or just a refreshing swim. An on the days off you see our team-members exploring the area from Aittokoski to Ruunaa, by hike or on the water. During our team-dinners, 3 times a week, we have a lot of fun, talk about the projects, occurring problems, find solutions for those, plan the next week etc. No need of team-meetings and time-consuming memo-writing anymore!

Well, that's how our summer looks so far! With temperatures close to 30 degrees, over 20 hours sunlight daily and a warm lake in front of the house, we can say it is a great summer so far! Sad that you cannot join at the moment, but maybe it is possible later this summer!