With a bit delay, caused by bad weather, we now started our trips up north to the AIttokoski-cabin. 3 groups drive up there during this week and hand over the warm cabin from one group to the next. Only the first group, built by Caro and Simone, had to heat up a very cold cabin and shoveled a lot of snow. Group nbr 2 is now on the way back home, group nbr 3 just started up north. It is nice to have a bit of changing trails, after all those training days nearby on our home-trails. For sure also the dogs appreciate this change!

This morning we were again very close to the -30C and for the next few nights they announce the same cold.  Good to know that every dog in the Aittokoski has his own doghouse with a warm thick strawbed. While many areas in Central Europe get now snow, no matter if they want it or not, we get again the cold wave.  But contrary to many areas in Central Europe with struggling snow-cleaning-departmentes, we are rather well handling the cold! 

During the last days we had again some guests here. Mostly Finnish ones, but also Germans and Swiss. Don't worry, we do not forget how it is to be out with guests on the trails. But most probably during this whole winter, not a single Bears Trail will start as it is published, as the worries about entering the country or travelling back home are just too big.  Really a pity for all the energy we put into the quarantine-bubble. But if the local Health Authorities say yes to it, but the final word is spoken by border guards or Finnair, it does not help a thing. So we slowly start to accept that winter 20/21 is over and keep on hoping for summer and a slowly but constantly recovering turism worldwide. 

Meanwhile, enjoy our pictures from sun and powder and happy dogs. One day in future we will be able to share that with you again, in live!