Colourful Training-Start!

Yesss!! Our highlight of the autumn has started! Since Wednesday we are training our dogs. One kennel-side per day, except Sunday, when we plan a training-free day. Our new workers are fully motivated and help already a lot. Moritz is driving his own teams already; Jana, Nele and Leon are co-driving teams and learning more things with every run. Soon they also will run their own teams and help make our training even more efficient. Sadly Simone is on sickleave for 1 more week, but then she also trains again actively the teams. Our A-dogs have been running 10 km since the first day, as they kept a rather good fitness during summer and temperatures are in 1-digit-levels, therefor already perfect for the longer runs. The big green ATV is still in Lieksa for inspection, but from Monday on all our vehicles will be ready to use and then team-sizes and types of training will vary even more. 

Indian Summer, or how we simply call it "Ruska" here, gets more glowing every day.  The red colours are a bit rare this autumn, but the yellow of the birches is just flashing at the moment. Only a blue sky on top would make the pictures even more beautiful. But right now the sky is mostly cloudy and more grey in grey. But even in that grey conditions, the Finnish forests and lakeshores are simmply stunning at the moment!

Our 3 "New Onesn" have already explored some highlights of North-Karellia and brought back some beautiful pictures from the Koli Nationalpark. Always worth a trip, in every season! Especially now in autumn with even clearer air and better view! Yes, North-Karelia is beautiful during 12 months a year and worth a journey!. Even the elks think so and move around recently a lot...