Eräkeskus is almost Austrian...

Shortly before Moritz got his surprise-visit from family and friends to celebrate his birthday, we got more Austrians here: Petra and Gabriel arrived with bus and caravan and their 8 dogs. They are staying nicely on the stake-out or in their boxes, but also enjoy long walks all together in the woods. They cause bit more barking in our kennels when they pass by, but our dogs will get used to it. And because the 10 are earlybirds, they also bring back nice photos from the morning fogs and early sun. They stay a week with us before moving back via the Baltics to Austria.

The Moritz-Group is staying for a long weekend, they celebrated yesterday his birthday, they hike and paddle and enjoy the short time-out. Our German Camper-Family who is with us now already for 2 weeks, has been hiking as well: the 32 km Koskikierros-trail in Ruunaa with 2 overnights in tents; good job done by the boys! And over the weekend we got 4 more Finns and now - applause...! - our guesthouse is completely fully booked, for the first time since 19th March 2020! Very excited and happy about this, although cooking dinner for 25 persons is still a bit strange! 

Last week Caro was paddling with a German family of 4, this week was Simone's turn with 2 Swiss, paddling the beautiful Pankasaari-Route in 4 days. After they left on Tuesday, we had a short, almost guestfree period of 36 hours and pushed on with the kennel works: taking off old elements, cutting dead trees in the new kennels, re-building the compartments with new elements. The first half of the street-side is done, the rest is done now step by step in great teamwork again!

Feels like "Summer as Usual" !