Sled & Snowshoe! Happy New Year!

And again a whole year has passed and soon we celebrate the new with our traditional New Years-punch and 17 guests. A quick review of the year 2021? 

We started 2021 with good snow, but no guests. Just a few Finns and once in a while some foreigners with own cottages nearby stepped in and took part in a daytrip. The corona-winter was hard without our guests, but thanks to many donations in money or food, we are still here and did not give away one single dog because of financial reasons. Still we had to say goodbye to a few dogs because of age or sickness: Negro, Kalea, Mike, Aida – and shortly before Christmas our beloved Mini-Malamute Siri who was so loved by all our guests, as caretaker of guests, traffic control, puppy watcher, kennel supervisor and much more. We are mourning for every single dog leaving us, but it's much harder to accept with a young dog, who has in theory still many years to live. That's part of our life and we know, they all came safe over the rainbowbridge and run free now over there, waiting to be reunited one day with us. 

Next to sad moments, there were of course also many happy ones. During July we had a short and busy high-season with many German and Swiss guests, many campers passing by and mid-August we were fully booked for the first time since long. That felt great and to "rock" that with a young, new team was simply a great feeling! Especially because we finished some big kennel projects during that same time. When everything was finished, we started the dog-training mid-September and now we run the sleds with our custumers, happy to be allowed again to live that feeling! 

Again and again during the last 4 seasons, workers and volunteers came and went. Since mid-December we have Moritz and Frank back in the team and are therefor now complete. The first tour to the Aittokoski is over, many trails ready to be used, also the lake-trails are open. Dog and team are highly motivated and ready. Our Christmas-guests left this morning and keep in memory a strong cold up to -30C, but also beautiful light-moments when driving the sled north to Aittokoski. A large family of 7 starts out today with 2 guides, heading north to Aittokoski as well. And 8 new arrivals today will complete the already here waiting guests to run the week with 17 guests in 4 groups and 3 different programs. 

The whole team of humans and dogs of Eräkeskus wishes you all the Best for 2022! Stay lucky, healthy and happy!