Summer is here!

... and suddenly it was summer...  Since 3 days 20 degrees C and more, great sun, only a few last bits of snow left in shady areas. The energy in our 4-persons-team is rising even more! 

We cut down many trees, made firewood for the Aittokoski-cabin out of it or prepared the fat trunks to be used as frame for some compartments in the old kennels, where new wooden floor will be installed. In the new kennels we had to strengthen some frame parts under the wooden floor and Moritz was the one who fitted best under the floor to do it by crawling under the wood, even there were wet snow-leftovers.  The new kennel is soon completely highpressure-cleaned and the bath-canoe for the dogs is filled with the refreshing wet.  New tables in the kennels are built, we clean the whole area from fallen old wood, the burning-place outside the old kennel is almost 24 hours in use, 2 big loads of building material for kennel renovations are already on the yard. Yes, sun and rising temperatures give us energy!  

Our Minea-Pups are developing great and as representative for the mini-pack, Holly is sending you greetings and wishes for a sunny Ascension!