... And then came the snow!

Just a short while ago, everything was frozen, but not yet white. The ice grew thicker, the nights got colder. And then came the snow... During the last few days we got for sure 25 cm of fresh snow. Since today morning it snows without a break and every time we go in front of the door, the shovel or broom is used. Also the first cold-wave is over with temperatures up to -29 C during the night and -24C in morning during feeding. The dogs got a thick straw-bed in their doghouses and we humans tested out the new winterclothing. By now, dogs and humans are used to the temperatures again and we are really lucky about the wintery conditions.

Together with the 5 guests of last weeks Musher-Workshop we have now prepared all doghouses in the Aittokoski-cabin. 39 doghouses we made ready, more than enough for an average group size there during winter. A huge Thank You to our helping guests who were carrying doghouses around in snowfall. 

With the same guests we could also succeed another stakeout-training in the Särkipuro-cabin. Thanks to the sauna on the riverside, we had warm water for the dogs very quick after arrival. The dogs appreciated then the strawbed, a juicy elk-bone and we humans got a hot soup from open fire with a view to the river. The dogs run happily 38 km that day and that is a great job with theunmotorised vehicles in mostly deep snow. Soon ready for the first sledrides to Aittokoski in near future! 

With actually 2 workshop-guests, more sled- and trail-preparations we are anything but bored also during this week. Soon the first Bears Trail starts (the week before Christmas, special date out of published dates) and we hope to run then the original program!