Getting ready for the Karelian Explorer

Remainings of the ET-Bridge...


"Night-Walk" at 10pm...

The Summer-guests-season has now started also here. We could already accommodate several shortstay- or week-guests, as well as campers and caravans who always appreciate our location with lake-view. We happily welcome all guests, booked in advance or spontaneously. This morning started 2 "Karelian Explorer" to their individual 3-day-paddling-trip, after having completed the hike on Bears-Trail/Karhunpolku already in the last days. The week-program, for which we offer room, food, equipment and map-material, while guests doing the activities by their own, can this week be completed with warmer temperatures and just a little bit of rain. Despite many regions in central Europe suffer from heavy, constant rain, we up here have an early summer with normal "wetness". Although the temperatures could rise by a few degrees still, as 1-digit temperatures in the morning are rather unusual for mid-June. But for the next few days we expect again up to 20 - 25 degrees C. 

The water levels in lakes and rivers remain high still after the snowmelting. And once again our ET-Bridge was damaged by the high waters. A big team-event has to be arranged in autumn to get the bridge ready for the sled-season again. Every year the same... if by coincidence a talented bridge-/footbridge-builder is reading this: we would appreciate to get some durable hints how to do the new bridge for the next season.

The dogs do not care if the day-temperature is below or over 20 degrees C. They just simply enjoy the high water levels in their dog pools, integrated in both kennels, where they can swim while we clean the kennels. Right now they still have a huge swimming area there, while sooner or later parts of the pools will transform to more muddy area, when the water goes back. Thanks to over 20 hours sunshine, we have almost 24h daylight at the moment. That makes the night-walks not much different than the day-walks with our house-dogs. Beautiful summertime!

Zuri, the Siberian Husky female of Stefan, gave unexpected birth mid-may to a nice litter of 5. Father is male Levi, an older, very relaxed Alaskan Husky, also owned by Stefan. The 5 siblings live by now outside in the puppy-fence during daytime and move back into the house for the night. They started eating "normal" food, as Zuri has not a lot of patience left for nursing, which is easy to understand if you think about the 5 pairs of jaws with sharp little teeths. Stefan will move back to North-Germany by end of August with the whole litter & the parents and he is still looking for new, great live-places for some of them. Of course all will be dewormed several times, vaccinated, microchipped and have a valid EU-petpassport. If interested in a energetic, active, nordic puppy, send us a message and Stefan will take contact with you. And as a small reminder in that context: many of our active or already older dogs also look forward to a new life where they get a nice couch and activities suiting their age. Taking a dog into your house needs normally some preparations. That´s why the reminder now: From spring 25 we will look for new homes for all our dogs and look forward to many more contacts from interested persons. "Young and wild" might be the idea of many, but "older and more relaxed" is also very nice to have or start with!