All along the River

On hot summer days we recommend this hiking trip along the river, break for swimming guaranteed. This hiking-trail includes a longer start-transfer and a transfer back to Eräkeskus at the end. We will walk around 16 km on the longdistance-hikingtrail "Karhunpolku", translated "Bears Trail".  Starting point is on its northern end in Teljo and our target of the day is in the Valama-forests.

Program & Route

After breakfast we pack our bags, fill our waterbottles and get our 4legged friends ready. Then we will be transferred to Teljo, about 40 minutes time, where we start our hike at the northernmost point of the Karhunpolku. The beautiful hiking path leads us through forests, mostly along the river Jongunjoki. We are passing the rapids Otroskoski  with the nice wilderness cabin. A bit later the long rapids of Aittokoski are reached, where we stop and prepare our lunch from open fire. Finnish sausage from open fire is best with pasta-salad! Of coure also the dogs gets a little snack and a lot of cuddling! After lunch we continue hiking south until we reach the wilderness cabin Valama in the same-named dense forest. We can enjoy a bath in the river - like the dogs :-), before we get a transfer back to Eräkeskus from the gravel road nearby the cabin.

Rates, Dates & Services

Rate per adult € 95.--
Rate per child - 15years € 70.-- 

Transfers Eräkeskus - Teljo and Valama - Eräkeskus, english speaking Guide, Lunch, company by dogs Mogli, Socke and Siri

5 - 6 hours incl. transfers. Good hikingboots are recommended!

Caused by the 2 longer transfers, this hiking-day is slightly more expensive than the other day-hikes. If you book this day as part of the activity-package, then we charge you a supplement of € 10.--/person.

Dates: daily start possible from 01.05.2021 - 30.09.2021