Nature Reserve at Lake Pankajärvi

Nature Resort Reposuo

The Reposuo-Trail (12km) is leading us all around the Nature-Resort of Reposuo. A shoet part of the trail is along the road, some other parts are on wooden planks over swamps and wet areas.

We drive by car for about half an hour to reach the starting place near the village of Pankajärvi. Shortly after start, we reach the wooden tower, originally built for bird obervation. We stop to enjoy the great view from on top! The hiking trail then leads as all over the area, sometimes on open swamp areas, then in dense forests, along the shore of Lake Pankajärvi or crosses former commercial forests and along a few smallest habitated places. There are several fire- and resting places. We stop when we need a break and have lunch from open fire. The trail is a circled one and leads us back to the car-parking.

Duration: 5 – 6 hours

Inclusive: English speaking guide, lunch, transfers

This hiking trip is suitable for everbody as the trail is mostly flat. Good hiking shoes are necessary.