Wellness in der Wildnis: Aittokoski

Relaxing, Sleeping, Sauna & Massage - 
can you imagine to have such a combination in the middle of Wilderness?

In our loghouse Aittokoski you can experience a special Wilderness-Wellness! In a small group you get the possibility to slow down for a day and bring a change to your summer-vacation of activities outside. Just try it!

Minimum 3 participants are needed to do the Wilderness-Wellness!

Program "Wellness in the Wilderness"

  • Start after breakfast, around 10h/10h from Eräkeskus to the loghouse Aittokoski, about 30min driving time
  • we start making fire in the house and sauna to heat up; your guide is preparing the massage-room as well as snacks and beverages in the kitchen
  • from 12 - 14/15h every guest gets his massage-treatment of 30 - 45min; before and after it you can enjoy the heated wooden sauna and just relax in the cosy warm main room of the loghouse
  • all guests take care of the sauna heating in common; fruits, tea and coffee is available all day
  • to have a light lunch we offer to choose either a small BBQ at the fireplace/Laavu or to have a picnic (salad and baguette) at the sunny meadow
  • we can combine your relaxing Wellness-day with a short walk on the trail "Karhunpolku" and to the rapids near by
  • later we are going to empty the sauna together, fill up wood inside and clean the kitchen, then get ready for the way back around 17/18h.  Arrival back at Eräkeskus at approx. 18h30. 

Rate per person: € 75.-- (30min massage), or € 85.-- (45min massage)

Incl. Sauna-essences, showergel, towels and bathrobe, lunchsoup, fruits, tea, coffee, transfers and guiding/treatment by physiotherapist Caro

Massage at Eräkeskus

We cooperate with our teammember Caro, a German educated physiotherapist with good English skills. They will take care of your muscles, tired from a day full of adventure in the Carelian Nature. The massage is accomplished in our "relaxing room" after personal scheduling before.

  • Partial massage € 35.-- for 30 minutes per person
  • Partial massage € 50.-- for 45 minutes per person
  • Total massage € 60.-- for 60 minutes per person