Wolves in North-Carelia

In Cooperation with "Deep Karelia" and the Russian Scientist/Behaviourist Vladimir Bologov we offer you "A Day on the Tracks of the Carelian Wolves". Together with Vladimir or one of his co-workers we follow the local pack in the area of the border-village Kivivaara. Thanks to the daily tracking-activities of the team around Vladimir, they always know pretty well, where the pack is, where it had a successful hunt or where the puppy-den is located.

From mid-July to start of September we might hear the howling of the pack, as it sometimes answers the human howling by Vladimir. We can see fresh prints or resting places. In September we can visit previously used puppy-dens or find remainings of the hunt.

We drive by car to the area, where the pack is living at the moment. It might be a short or a longer car drive. Vladimir is a well known person in the wolf-scene in Europe and has a lot of stories to tell froom his wolf-researches in Finland and Russia. 

This activity takes 3 - 6 hours and cannot be described more detailled, as everything depends on the location and activity of the pack at the moment of the booked activity-day. Most of the day is spent outside, but a lecture with picture by Valdimir can also be on the final day-program. Starttime/end of the day can neither be determined beforehand, as it depends on the pack and the research-crew. 

Good, waterproof shoes are needed, as we walk off the beaten track most of the day and may cross some wet areas. Vladimir speaks English, an Eräkeskus-team-member might join for the trip if needed. 

Inclusive: Englischspeaking guiding by Valdimir or his team, needed transfers, lunch 

This activity needs to be pre-booked, bookings on spot cannot be accepted. It is not part of the activity-package and cannot be extended to a multi-day-activity. 

The chance to see wolves in real is existing, although very small. There is no guarantee to see a single wolf or the pack of wolves during the trip. It is a wild living pack, not fed by humans to come closer, not domesticated. The wolf is a shy animal and normal behaviour is to pull back if humans are coming.

Rate per person: € 85.--, no children reduction

minimum 2 participants needed