Our new ActiVital Week!

Outdoor Experiences combined with physical activity distributed over 8 days.

Feel alive and relaxed at once...

You can „almost touch“ the silence and the recreation starts when you arrived. 

Slowing down, exploring the nature with your guide or on your own, calming down.. In addition to that you`ll get your individual ActiVital-Package including sports like CaniCross (Running with a dog, fixed with a bungee leash around your belly), Pilates, special excercices for a strong back, for relaxing: a so called fantasy travel for your mind and in addition to that Sauna/Massage - combinable as you wish. We are glad to offer you an active and and relaxing week.

Week program day by day

Day 1:
Individual arriving with your own or rental car at Eräkeskus, moving into your room. Afterwards you get a three-course menue with the Eräkeskus Team.

Day 2:
After breakfast we pack our paddle-equipment, load the trailer and drive to the starting point of our kajak/canoe-tour. We will talk about the distance and duration at the day before, both depends on your constitution and the current weather. After a lunch break in a laavu the car back to Eräkeskus is waiting for us. You can spend the rest of the day as you like before a three-course menue will be served in the Lodge later.

Day 3: 
Today you have some time to enjoy North Karelia on your own. Maybe you want go to the Koli Nationalpark or ride a bike to the Mukavaara Laavu? Spending some time with our wonderful old dogs on a walk and taking a bath in the lake afterwards could be another option. In the afternoon there will be the first practice lesson: exercises for a strong healthy back and stretchings. Later we heat the wooden sauna for you, afterwards we`ll meet for dinner in our so called Grill-Kota.

Day 4: 
Starting the morning with breakfast you have plenty of time to spent the day as you want. We recommend a ride to the Reposuo nationalpark or the Ruuna rapids. In the afternoon we are goint to start the second exercise session: Nordic Walking or CaniCross (Jogging with one of our dogs in a harness). In the evening another three-course dinner will be served.


Day 5: 
After having a fortifying breakfast we pack our small backpacks and drive - together with your guide - to the starting point of our 2 days hiking tour. On the hiking trail „Karhunpolku“ we will have a 12km hike until we arrive at the Aittokoski Laavu, in which we prepare a small Lunch on open fire.  Another 6km have to be overcomed to reach the Valama hut, located at the same named river. At this beautiful place you can either take a bath or relax until we will have our dinner on open fire and crawl into our sleeping bags afterwards.

Day 6: 
Before having a hearty breakfast first one makes coffee!
J To day we can decide between 2 possibilities: Either we walk on the amazing Karhunpolku to the Pälvekoski suspension bridge (6,5 km) or we will try a longer hike to the Laklaniemi-Lavuu (14km), where the small Laklajoki river joins the Jongunjoki river. On our way we will take a lunchbreak and afterwards you can choose to drive back to the lodge immediately or we walk about 7,5km further and take the transfer back. After returning to Eräkeskus you could relax or go for a walk with one of our older dogs if you like before your three-course dinner is served in the Lodge.

Day 7:
Having breakfast well rested you can choose how to spend the day. Maybe with our SUPs, rowing boat or you take one of our bikes for a ride - everything is free to use. Or you take the chance to have a look behind the scenes of Eräkeskus, cuddle our dogs while joining us in one of our kennels – and maybe some questions wanted to be answered. In the afternoon the third exercise lesson will take place: 1,5 hours of gently Pilates-Training with some breathing exercises or a kind of fantasy travel for your mind afterwards . Afterwards you could use the wooden sauna or book a massage to realx your muscles if you like. In the evening the last three-course dinner with the Eräkeskus-Team will be served.

Day 8: 
The last day of your holiday has come. After breakfast you´ll leave Eräkeskus to go home or continue your journey.



The same week program is possible from sunday to sunday as well.

Rates, dates and included services 2022

Package prices for ActiVital week:

Rate per person in double room:

€ 1190.-- Mai, June and September
€ 1250.-- July/August

Surcharge for single room:

Mai, June and September € 60.--
July/August € 120.--

reduction for 3. person in third bed: € 120.--

Minimum of 2 booked persons necessary.

Every Saturday from 14.05.2022 - 24.09.2022
Every Sunday from 15.05.2022 - 25.09.2022



•   6 overnights in the lodge in rooms with private facilities

•   1 overnight in wilderness cabin Valama

•   fullboard starting with dinner day 1 and ending with breakfast day 8

•   3 days with a guide, 1 daily tour canoe/kajak and 2 day tour hiking with overnight staying

•   3 times 1,5 – 2 hours healthy back or pilatestraining, Nordic walking or CaniCross and Relaxing exercises with a german physiotherapist

•   Using canoe/kajak/bike for free

•   2 times wooden sauna near the lake

•   all needed transfers during the week

  Not included: 

•   journey to/from Eräkeskus or to other destinations

•   beverages in the lodge

•   hiking shoes, backpack and outdoor clothes

•   Bookable massages in Eräkeskus

•   Ruunaa rapid rafting (bookable in advance)