Eräkeskus - Aittokoski - Ruunaa

Because the Ruunaa Area is so beautiful...

Our week-offer with the most dog-intense program: 6 days dogsledding on different trails. At the beginning we make a warm-up-day to get back the feeling for runners and snow. Then we drive up north to the Aittokoski for an overnight-trip. And right after that, we drive to the Ruunaa-area for 2 nights and explore the trails there with rapids, lakes, rivers and the famous hanging bridges. 1 night in the forest house Aittokoski, 2 nights in the comfortable cottage in Ruunaa and 4 nights at Eräkeskus.

Why Eräkeskus?

  • small groups with maximum 4 participants
  • technically demanding trails only for experienceds mushers
  • almost no scooter-traffic in North Carelia
  • minimum number of participants: 2

Difficulty level „Eräkeskus 4“

For the Ruunaa Trail we look for physically fit persons, with a strong mind to complete the distances also in posssibly bad conditions, those who keep themselves fit during the whole year and those who have already finished an overnight-tour with sleddogs. The day-distances can physically be compared with 2 hours jogging or 5 hours hiking with heavy backbag in the Alps. Of course teamspirit, love of nature and dogs and a happy mind are very useful as well! 


The last 4 weeks passed very fast. Camping-guests came and went, teammembers went and arrived, the most recent staff is always published on the…

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