Eräkeskus Exclusive 2022

With a private guide on the way - one week according to your wishes

You do not find the suitable program for you, the program that corresponds to all your wishes? You want to be alone with a group or with only your partner or friend? No problem for us – rent a guide for a week and create an exclusive week only for you! But we recommend to book such a program very early!

Airport Joensuu is temporarily closed. This is why we offer transfers from/to Kuopio without surcharge, as long as this is the closest airport from us with operated flights.

Why choosing "Eräkeskus Exclusive"?

  • Because you want to have a tailor-made program only for you
  • because you have a special day to celebrate
  • and because we do our best to make you happy by fulfilling all your wishes and creating your week as a real exclusive event

Activity profile: grade "?"

As this week is arranged according to your own wishes and capabilities, there is no activity profile defined. To get an idea about needed fitness level, please refer to the other programs and let us know your program-ideas already when you book to make sure we have the needed material/cabins etc. available when you are here.

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