Winterweek with Cabin-Overnight

Winter in Eräkeskus - Perfect for everybody!

Winter holiday in Eräkeskus is an unforgettable experience for everyone! You like to be in the middle of untouched landscape? You want to explore the nature by your own, still not missing good advice about tours from experienced persons and you like the comfort of a warm room, a good dinner and a hot sauna in the evening? During this week, you get 2 days for training on the sled, we add a snowshoe-hike and a highlight a sled-tour to our forest house Aittokoski or to Ruunaa for overnight. A bit more adventure than the basic winterweek.  

Why choosing Eräkeskus?

  • Familiar atmosphere with only 10 - 15 guests in the Lodge
  • small groups with max. 5 guests per guide
  • almost no scooter traffic in North Carelia 
  • far away from mass tourism you experience the true Finland
  • because here you can find silence and peace and will be 100% relaxed after your holiday!

Activity Profile: grade “2”

To take part in this week, you have to be in a good shape. No high athletes are needed, but a regular bit of hiking, biking, jogging or doing other fitness activities, makes sense. The sledride to the cabin is over 30 km long and you need to support the dogs in many parts of the trails. If fresh snow has arrived just before the tour, then a lot of support might be needed. 

The Summer-guests-season has now started also here. We could already accommodate several shortstay- or week-guests, as well as campers and caravans…

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