Musher Workshop 2024

A look behind the scenes, for those who want to get behind the fascination of a sled dog

Take a look behind the scenes! We show you how we train our sleddogs from beginning of October to Mid-December and prepare them for the coming winter-season. Take part in the training and learn every day something new: training vehicles, manufacturing of equipment, sled-building, etc. You join us in our daily work and training, as long and as intense as you like! During the Workshop-seasoon we do not have a lot of clients, that's why we all eat together in the evening and you can almost become like part of the team during your week. Welcome to our Musher-Workshop with the Eräkeskus-Family!

Why Eräkeskus?

  • Because North-Carelia is one of the most silent places in whole Europe
  • Because we like to share our passion with you and introduce you to the world of sleddogs
  • Because here you are part of the “family” already on your first day
  • very simple: because late autumn and early winter are fascinating seasons”

Activity Profile: grade "0"

For this program, no special fitness level is required. Being a nature’s lover and/or having an interest in sleddogs in widely enough!

Yes, summer reached North-Karelia by now and we enjoy warm days as well. So far 2 days around 25 degrees C, the lakes finally ice-free, high water…

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