Merry Christmas!

The Team Eräkeskus wishes you all a Merry Christmas! Weather is going a bit mad here as well, no need to hide this! No, we do not have green Christmas, but real winter is different anyhow! After 2 training-days on sled and...[more]


Now winter is really here!

During the last few days we got a lot of snow here and it is really cold outside! Seems like weather-god has read our last news and decided to send us real winter just in time for todays arriving new guests.So we are on the sleds...[more]


Snow and ice, then back to Dryland-Training

That's how it goes here at the moment. One day we train on snow, then on ice, then on sand again, as we did at the very beginning of autumn training. But despite those sometimes bad conditions, our dogs are running now close to...[more]


Happy Birthday Eräkeskus! 2003 - 2013

10 years ago, Eräkeskus started a new life, after having been empty and un-used for many years.  It was on 6th November 2003, when Simone and Martin arrived in North-Karelia, a convoy of a Ford Focus, a Mazda Tribute...[more]


Snow came... and went again

During 6 days we had the pleasure to train our dogs on snow. Perfect snow, almost 30 cm, came on 18th October. Unfortunately plus-degrees and rain followed on 23rd October, means by now we are training again on sandy roads. But...[more]


Training, Indian Summer and growing Pups

Finally - also we here at Eräkeskus started our autumn-training to get the dogs ready for coming winter. Day 7 of training is behind us - and everything goes fine! Thanks to a good fitness-program during summer (free-runs and...[more]


Team Winter 2013/2014

Since a few days, our team for winter 13/14 is (almost) complete: Konstantin (together with his dog Duke) arrived as first one. As a professional cook, working in many hotels and restaurants in Germany in the last years, he was...[more]

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