Dog sledding in the white-robed nature, and more!

Eräkeskus is located 3 km outside of the village Nurmijärvi, right at the lake named the same. Our neighbor is living about 1 km away, around us there are only woods and water. The Russian border is just 15 km away.

Small groups

All our tours are realized in small groups of maximum 5 guests (many groups with only 2 - 4 participants). Therefore our guides are able to respond perfectly to the needs and wishes of our guests. For us the personal and familiar atmosphere on our tour is very important! Because of the small groups the experience of the ruling silence and space is still more intense for our guests. There is no minimum number of participants. All tour dates are guaranteed!

The health and well-being of our dogs are very important to us!

Being on tour our dogs get a thick and warm bed of straw. The 2 most used cabins have also doghouses for our 4-legged friends, but some dogs with less thick fur thick are allowed stay with us inside of the cabin. The same feeding as at home on the farm is ensured even on tour, no compromise at the expense of the dogs! Chicken fat, salmon, forage, cow's stomach, liver, etc., everything is also available at the cabins. We not only pay attention to the food, but also to the physical health of our diligent runners: The paws of the dogs are protected from harsh snow and ice with "booties".

Our Wildnerness-Cabin

Our Wilderness-Cabin "Aittokoski", since 2017 our own cabin - has an outdoor-toilet and separate wood-sauna. In the main-building we have a kitchen with electric- & wood-oven, a spacious living-/sleeping-room with fireplace & couch and enough places also for our cabin-dogs, as well as 2 separate smaller sleeping-rooms. There is one water-pump in the foyer, from which we bring water to kitchen and sauna with buckets. Of course there are matresses, pillows and duvets as well. 

We drive to the Aittokoski-Cabin with our groups of Bordertrail and Bearstrail. 

Unforgettable experiences because of active participation

You will find out about the sled dog experience first hand through active assistance on tour. You assist in the care of "your" own dog team: put the harness on before the start, attach the dogs to the sled, give them a snack in the breaks, remove the harness after running, prepare the bed of straw and feed them. All tasks in the cabins will be done together as well: light a fire, cook the meal for the participants, heat the sauna, fill up wood, etc. That is, if you wish! After an exhausting journey, you may also like to be indulged by the Guide!

Plenty of time for other things

In addition to the dog sled rides and related experiences there is enough time to discover the beauty and vastness of the surroundings on your own! All our guests have access to snowshoes, skis and ice hole fishing equipment at any time.

Trails, safety and support

Our trail network includes approximately 400 kilometres and takes you through the most beautiful areas in North Karelia. Part of the trail leads along the famous long distance hiking trail "Karhunpolku" (Bear Trail) and is prepared by the community of interest "East Point". Parts of the trail network are maintained along with the scooter club and some parts are our own Eräkeskus trails. The variety of trails in the network allow us to plan the tours and routes very flexible according not only to the condition of the weather and trails but also to the needs and skills of our guests. In an emergency case, all cabins and most trail sections are accessible within a very short time with an All Terrain Vehicle (ATW or quad), snow mobile or (Aittokosk) even by car. Nevertheless, when on tour you hardly ever see or hear a vehicle. All our guides speak German, but English and French support is also available.
Very important to keep in mind, that we do not guarantee any driven distances! We always adjust the driven distances to trail conditions, temperatures, physical condition of our customers and length of the day! Wellbeing of guests and dogs are more important than driven distances!