Choose one from the following 2 half-day-excursions:

Hiking around lake Änäkäinen

By car we drive to the starting place of our hiking tour, the protected lake- and forest-area of Änäkäinen (only 7 km away from Eräkeskus). The area around the 3 small lakes is dominated by old pine-trees, swamps and sandy hills. The National Forestry-Department takes care of the area which is  protected by EU-law today. Hiking paths lead us around the 2 bigger lakes; depending on weather and your wishes we walk around  one or two lakes. We prepare our lunch on the open fire in one of the typical Finnish fire-places and wind-shelters. 

Duration: 3 – 4 hours 

Included: transfers, lunch on open fire, English speaking guide 

If you know the area of the Lakes Änäkäinen already from a previous trip, we can also hike on Karhunpolku-trail from the northernmost point of the Lakes up to River Jongunjoki/shelter Laklaniemi.

Canoe-Tour on lake Puuruujärvi & River Jongunjoki

We get our full equipment at Eräkeskus and a short introduction into paddling-technique. Then we start our tour on Lake Nurmijärvi, following its shore-line into Lake Naapuri. There we have to carry the canoes for about 50 m to finally enter the Lake Puuruu.  This lake is a beautiful labyrinth of islands, half-islands, small sandy beaches and lonely bays. There is only pure wilderness of forest and swamps and about a dozen of lonely situated holiday-cottages around the lake, which is about 4 km long and maximum 1 km wide. We paddle to a nice beach to have lunch and a refreshing swim. Following a narrow outflow we then reach river Jongunjoki who brings us to Lake Nurmijärvi and back to Eräkeskus. 

Duration: 3 – 4 hours 

Including: canoes or kajaks, paddles, live-vests, lunch, English speaking guide

You stay for only a few nights?

If you stay for 7 nights in our guesthouse, then we offer you one of those trips for free. If you stay for only a few nights with us, you can add them to your booking and we will charge you:

€ 65.-- per adult
€ 45.-- per child - 15 years

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