How to get there

Air, bus, car, train: there are several ways to get to Eräkeskus!

Even though Finnair cancelled during the Covid-Pandemic all flights to Joensuu and Kajaani, as well as almost all flights to Kuopio, Eräkeskus is still reachable!

A flight to Helsinki can be found from almost all central-european airports on a daily base. From Helsinki on you have trains to Joensuu (1 change) or even to Lieksa (2 changes).

Travelling by car is of course an extra-pleasure, especially during summer-times with 24 hours daylight. 

Finnish Railways: 

Ask your travel agency for best flights/connections!

By car

Car travelers will find us when they go out to Joensuu from the road 73 towards Lieksa. Shortly after Lieksa (Nurmes direction) turn right towards Nurmijärvi at the street 524. Follow this road about 25 km, past the village Pankajärvi to Nurmijärvi. Drive through the village Nurmijärvi and outside of the village turn right towards Kivivaara. After 1.5 km turn right again (wooden sign "Eräkeskus" and Roadsign "Mukavaara / Alakylä") and follow the gravel road for about 1.5 km, until you see the building Eräkeskus on the right hand side.

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