For experienced Paddlers

We load the kajaks (no canoes for this tour) on our trailer and drive about 20 km to the Russian border, where we start our tour on river Valamajoki. This beautiful wilderness river is passing through real wilderness without any traces from civilization. Almost 20 km of always changing landscape, small narrow parts with current and rapids of class 1 -3, wider parts with almost no current, and lake-like parts surrounded by beautiful swamps. at least twie we have to carry our boeats around falle trees and then get back to the water. After 19 km we reach the Valama-bridge, from where we get a transfer back to Eräkeskus. There are no fireplaces or windshelters along the whole river, that’s why we have a homemade sandwich-lunch on route and eat on the riverside.

Duration:  incl. transfers 6 – 8 hours

Inclusive: English speaking guide, canoe/kajak, paddle, live-vest, transfer, lunch

This tour is suitable for more experienced paddlers. If you have never been sitting in a kajak before, we recommend you to book the easier tours on River Lieksanjoki/Mukajoki/Jongunjoki first.

The last 4 weeks passed very fast. Camping-guests came and went, teammembers went and arrived, the most recent staff is always published on the…

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