Go West - From Eräkeskus to Kuohatti

After a training-day to "warm up", this tour leads us up north to the Aittokoski-cabin and then to the big lake Kuohatti to the very simple, but unique cabin of Jani. His father started building the cabin with self-logged kelo-trees. The son finished it and added a barrel-sauna as well as a water-pump. The long stretch from Aittokoski to Kuohatti needs a strong mind and high physical condition. Many steep hills - especially towards the end of the trip - require a lot of support to the dogs, helping them to complete the distance. And after arrival at the cabin, the day is not over... we have to heat the cabin, get water, prepare dogfood, cook our dinner and much more. You can feel like being an Alaskan trapper for one day! Suitable only for experienced and sportive mushers. 

Why Eräkeskus?

  • small groups with maximum 4 participants
  • sledding on unknown trails, new routes for our repeaters
  • varied, demanding, technical trails, long distances
  • almost no scooter-traffic in North Carelia
  • minimum 2 participants needed

Difficulty level „Eräkeskus 4“

For the Go West-Tour we want physically fit persons, with a strong mind to complete the distances also in posssibly bad conditions, those who keep themselves fit during the whole year and those who have already completed a tour with cabin-overnights. The long day-distances can physically be compared with 2 hours jogging or 5 hours hiking with heavy backbag in the Alps. Of course teamspirit, love of nature and dogs and a happy mind are very useful as well! 


Yes, summer reached North-Karelia by now and we enjoy warm days as well. So far 2 days around 25 degrees C, the lakes finally ice-free, high water…

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