Easy Jongunjoki for Beginners

We load the canoes on the trailer and have a short transfer to Viitakoski, where we start our paddling-tour.  We can first paddle a little bit upstream to see the rapids of Viitakoski, where river Jongunjoki flows for the last time with good speed over the rocks. From here on, the river gets slow, majestic and easy, finding its way to the village of Nurmijärvi. We follow all the bends of the river Jongunjoki, which gives name to the whole area. During the trip we see many different kind of landscapes: forests, farming areas, grassland, swamps. Maybe we see a beaver, as some of them build their homes along Jongunjoki. Shortly before we reach the village, we stop for lunch at a small windshelter with fireplace. Then we continue and enter Lake Nurmijärvi.  On the other end of the lake we reach our base Eräkeskus again.

Duration: incl. Transfer 3 – 4 hours

Included: English speaking guide, canoe, paddles. Live-vests, transfer, lunch

The last 4 weeks passed very fast. Camping-guests came and went, teammembers went and arrived, the most recent staff is always published on the…

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