The Team


Simone (1970) came to Eräkeskus in 2003 to live a dream, a life in nature, working with dogs and being self-employed. What started with 35 dogs long ago, is now a well running company with around 150 dogs, a team of 6 - 9 workers and happy clients in winter as well as in summer. She got infected by the Scandinavia-virus in 1978 and had her first contact with sleddogs in 1992.

Simone was working for many years in the tourism industry and studied animal psychology besides.

Today she is taking care of the administration, loves to work in the kennels, helps wherever help is needed and is out on tour with guests during several weeks in both seasons.


My name is Helena and I was born 1999 in Palatinate, Germany. During my studies in the field of tourism, I got the idea of working on a husky farm as a mandatory internship. Thanks to this I ended up working on Husky farms in Finland and Norway during the last two winter seasons. As I got closer to finish my studies I decided to search for a small kennel with the possibility to stay for longer than just one season.

Helena is in our team since August 2022


I am Stefan (1986) from Rostock/Germany. Since many years I am fascinated by dogs and learned, that working with them is a deeply satisfying job. After my education at the animal shelter in Lubeck I was here at Eräkeskus the first time in winter 2013/14 and the sleddog-virus did not leave since then. Together with my own dogs Levi & Zuri I am now part of the team since January 2023. 


My name is Sarah (2003), I was born and raised in Switzerland and completed my training as a pharmaceutical-assistant EFZ after finishing compulsory school. In search of personal growth, I ventured to Finland to leave my personal comfort zone. The decision to take on new challenges demonstrates my desire for self-development and fulfilment. I am looking forward to a great time here.



I am Michi, 31 years old and since April 24 part of the Eräkeskus-Team. The years before I worked as cook in Switzerland and organised concerts/festivals during my freetime. I look forward to learn new things, gain many new experiences and stand one or another new challenge. And I am lucky to get the chance here to live one of my dreams and get the possibility to step into this new, for me so far unknown world.


The Summer-guests-season has now started also here. We could already accommodate several shortstay- or week-guests, as well as campers and caravans…

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