Marked hiking trails, plenty of easy accessible windshelters, fireplaces and hiking-cabins, easy or moderate paddling routes, almost 100% mobile-coverage all over North-Carelia... You can explore our area also by your own! We are happy to help you with our know-how of the area for the route-planning, to provide you the needed equipment or to organise transfers for you to starting point/from final destination. We can even meet you somewhere in the middle of your trip to bring/collect canoes or bikes, so you can continue your trip by walking or changing the mode of moving.

Basic skills in map reading or using a gps, as well as knowing how to make a fire, is needed on all those trips out in wild nature. And of course you agree with the saying "take out from nature what you took in", to keep our area clean and safe for others!

Equipment for your individual trips

You are motivated to explore the North-Carelian nature by your own, hiking or paddling? But you cannot take all the needed equipment with you? No problem! We are happy to provide you with all needed equipment and transfers to starting points and back here from your final destination.

On the Water:
Double-Canadian Canoe, model Mad River Journey 156; 2 paddles, 1 sparepaddle, 2 packing barrels, 3 waterprooof packbags, lifevests and ladle
Single-Kajak, different types available for lake or river paddling, paddle, 4 waterproof packbags, lifevest and spraydeck

1 day (09h00 - 20h00) € 30.--
2 days (à 24h) € 120.--
3 - 5 rental days (à 24h) € 240.-- 
6 - 7 rental-days (à 24h) € 300.-- 
Longer rentals on request

Cook & Sleep 1:
2-person-tent, cooker (gas or liquids)

2 days (à 24h) € 40.--
3 - 5 rental days (à 24h) € 70.-- 
6 - 7 rental days (à 24h) € 85.--
Longer rentals on request

Cook & Sleep 2:
Matress, sleepingbag, kitchenware

per person/day (à 24h) € 10.--

21- or 24-gear-mountainbikes with suspension fork
€ 25.-- per day (24h) with basic repair set and airpump

Transfers to starting-point and/or from ending-point
with car and trailer per driven km € 1.--
without trailer per driven km € 0.75

€ 250.--/canoe or kajak resp. € 100.--/mountainbike is collected before your start and paid back when all material is returned complete and clean without damages. 





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