Wether we can participate in sleddog races, depends always on the booking situation. The dogs need to get the necessary number of days off, but if this can be granted, we like to join some races during winter season to run with our dogs in a different way than we do on tour with our guests. Only a small number of dogs is living here purely for racing and are trained differently and separately, but most of them already belong to the veteran class. The big part of our dogs is joining our weektours with guests and trained for this, but during autumn training or at the beginning of the tour season, by observing the individuals, we always find some special ones we want to bring into a fast, harmonic team, that could be used for races and which is then sporadically trained for racing distance. So even we do not have any real racing dogs, we and the Eräkeskus-dogs already had some very good results in national races.

2006, Jongunverran Ajot, mid-distance race, 4-dog-class, 4th & 5th place

2006, Finnish Championship, mid-distance, open class, bronze medal

2007, Finnish Dryland-Championship, 8-dog-class, gold medal

2007, Finnish Dryland-Championship, 4-dog-class, bronze medal

2008, Jongunverran Ajot, mid-distance race, 6-dog-class, 5th place

2008, Eastpoint Open, mid-distance race, 6-dog-class, 3rd place

2008, Eastpoint Open, mid-distance race, 8-dog-class, 2nd place

2008, Rautavaara, Long-Sprint-race, 6-dog-class, 5th place

2009, Jongunverran Ajot, mid-distance race, 6-dog-class, 2nd place

2009, Finnise Dryland-championship, 6-dog-class, silver medal

2010, Jongunverran Ajot, mid-distance race, 8-dog-class, 5th place

.... plus several placings in the top 10!

Taking part in races is a beautiful hobby and it´s always fascinating, again and again, to see, how motivated the dogs run at such an event and how the race-fever is jumping from musher to dogs.  But the always nicer part of races is the whole preparation before the race, putting 4 or 6 or 8 or even more dogs into a harmonic dog team, get one with them, learning to read all their little signals they send out during a run, taking them to a free run after the race or a special training somewhere else, see then the happy but tired dogs jump into the boxes afterwards and just sleep deeply on their dry and warm strawbed during the whole journey back home. 


Yes, summer reached North-Karelia by now and we enjoy warm days as well. So far 2 days around 25 degrees C, the lakes finally ice-free, high water…

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