Christmas & Newyear 2024/2025

Experience a quite and peaceful Christmas and New Year in Eräkeskus

These are the special days….we celebrate them peacefully, in the relaxed atmosphere of the wilderness centre in North Carelia. During the days we have fun on trips with sleddogs or snowshoes, in the evening we enjoy the famous cooking of Eräkeskus and sit together in front of the open fire. Enjoy Christmas and New Year for once in a different way: calm, quiet, peaceful, without fireworks or other modern traditions, with or without overnight stays in a wilderness cabin. Find your way back to nature and discover a beautiful white landscape, cross-country skiing or going for a walk.

Why choosing Eräkeskus?

  • Familiar atmosphere with only 12 – 18 guests, 
  • small groups with max. 5 persons for dogtrips and hikes, 
  • almost no scooter traffic in North Carelia, 
  • far away from mass tourism you experience the true Finland 
  • and because here you are able to celebrate these days for once without fireworks and commercial traditions.

Activity Profile

Basically we always do our best to adjust the programs to our guests physical possibilities. The day-trips with the dogs can be adjusted according to trail-conditions and temperatures. Also the hikes with snowshoes can be held longer or shorter, as you wish. Please still keep in mind, being active in cold winter with heavy, thick clothing is more demanding than you might think and that the dogs need active support during parts of the sled-ride.

Week-Program: Because of the long sledrides to the Aittokoski cabin and back, you have to be an active, sporty person, used to do about 4-hours-hikes with backbag in the mountains. There is no posssibility to shorten down the distance and depending on snow-conditions or temperatures, the dogs need your active support behind the sled for most of the trip.

The last 4 weeks passed very fast. Camping-guests came and went, teammembers went and arrived, the most recent staff is always published on the…

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