Canoe and Kayak trips

Eräkeskus is facing Lake Nurmijärvi, which is connected  to the rivers Jongunjoki and Lieksanjoki. In the same river&lake-system we have access  to the smaller, more adventurous rivers Hähnijoki, Laklajoki, Valamajoki and Mukajoki. Since many years we are paddling on those rivers and lakes and we know the most beautiful parts and shores. This is what makes our paddling program so flexible. We can combine almost endlessly rivers and lakes, make shorter or longer trips on them, with or without rapids on the rivers, simple lake-paddling or more demanding rivers.

Yes, summer reached North-Karelia by now and we enjoy warm days as well. So far 2 days around 25 degrees C, the lakes finally ice-free, high water…

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