Guided day-activities / Summer 2024

Guided hiking trips
Incl. guide, needed transfers, lunch

Guided canoe-/kayak trips
Incl. guide, needed transfers, equipment, lunch

guided bike trips
Incl. guide, equipment and lunch

€ 95.-- adults 
€ 70.-- children up to 15 years


Activity package / Summer 2024

3 day-trips from above listing at your choice
Package price for 3 day-trips incl. listed services

€ 270.-- per adult
€ 195.-- per child - 15 years

Eräkeskus Exclusive / Summer 2024

Book your own guide for an excursion to Koli National Park, to Ruunaa, to visit Museum Paateri, Hiidenportti or Tiilikka or others. Our guide is at your disposal for the whole day, 10h00 - 18h00.

€ 275.-- per day incl. 60 km of transfers and lunch

not included: additional transfers, equipment, needed ferry crossings, entry fees etc., depending on your chosen day-program


A short while ago we had beautiful late summer - now autumn arrived with corresponding lower temperatures and nstable weather conditions. Autumn-hikes…

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