Season 18/19 opened!

The first group of Bearstrail came back to the lodge yesterday, cold and frozen after a sudden, unexpected drop in temperatures to -26 C as coldest. We take it as Christmas-gift, as the ice on lakes and rivers gets much better...[more]

2. Advent and more snow

Slowly but certainly the snowcover in our area is growing and the first sled-trails are open. Sadly it is not covering all areas with the same thickness and parts of the trail still have wood, rocks and bushes looking out from...[more]

1. Advent & Snow!

First Advent-sunday has gone and we also had lighted up the first candle - although we are without guests for a while. The next ones arrive coming Saturday and then we are never without them for a long while... until well into...[more]

First Ice and Cold!

Since yesterday we have a first little bit of winter-feelings here: minus degrees and the first ice on the lake. We have been waiting for it rather long, but now it looks like it could stay. Of course we are happy about it! Hands...[more]

15 Years Eräkeskus!

Yes - today we are celebrating 15 years of Eräkeskus! On November 6th, 2003, a small caravan, consisting of 1 lorry with furnitures, moveables and sled equipments, a Mazda Tribute with a huge double-decker dog-box and some 30...[more]

Polarlights, torches & Musher-Workshop

"When can the Polarlights be seen?" A frequently asked question from guests. And never we would have thought, that a good answer would be "beginning of October". But true... that early in the winter-season we...[more]

First Winter-Feelings, Training and Puppy-Day

We had the first frosty nights here, but during daytime we still reach 8 - 10 degrees C plus. But very nice to have frozen waterhoses and buckets in the morning! Training is even much more fun like this, for humans and for dogs!...[more]

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