Our kitchen

The culinary center of Eräkeskus

Our kitchen offers a delicious cuisine for our guests. We prepare 2 - and 3-course menus, adapted to the season, as far as possible with fresh ingredients from local farms. We spoil you with local specialties, but also with those from our countries of origin. The regional "Karjalan Paisti" is part of the menu as well as a classic "Zurich style veal stew". Variety is a top priority and also a vegetarian or allergic can enjoy delicious creations from us. Dinner is partially served and partially provided as a buffet. Salmon is be found regularly on the menu, elk or reindeer if available in the shops. Also typical Karelian delicacies, such as Karelian Pie or cinnamon buns will be served.

The bread is fresh from the bakery: Cable, wholemeal bread, white bread,variety is guaranteed!

Popular in the summer: our barbecue evenings on the lake. Year in, year out one of the highlights: salmon from the open fire.

Breakfast is served in a buffet style and used to arrange the picnic lunch for the guests during the summer season. In the winter we serve a strong, warming soup with bread as lunch.

Yes, summer reached North-Karelia by now and we enjoy warm days as well. So far 2 days around 25 degrees C, the lakes finally ice-free, high water…

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