Why the Eräkeskus "Adopt-a-Dog"-Program

Many of our guests who were on week tour in winter or spent a lot of time with the dogs during summer in the kennels or on free runs, fall in love with one or some specific dogs and would like to follow, how they grow up and how they work.

Of course we always make updates on Facebook and in our news, but they are mostly held in a more general sense and specific updates for one dog are not often. 


That's why we started the Adopt-a-Dog-Program.
Adopting a dog gives you the opportunity to get detailed information on your favourite dog and give him a financial support as well.

How to adopt a dog

It's very easy!
You fell in love with one of our dogs? Admire his performance in your sled-team? You think, you want to be part of this dogs life also in future?

With a single adopting-fee of € 150 you can adopt him for a whole year.


What you get, when adopting a dog

  • a certificate for adoption
  • information-letter including a picture in spring/early summer, giving you updates on the dogs performance in the last winter-season and what he is doing now in the summer break
  • information-letter including a picture during autumn training, so you can follow his re-start to the next season and how he changed during summer

What the adopted dog gets

  • special treats and bones during the whole year
  • professional veterinarian care also in cases we could treat ourselves
  • picture in our facebook-gallery of sponsored dogs

The Summer-guests-season has now started also here. We could already accommodate several shortstay- or week-guests, as well as campers and caravans…

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