A selection of guided day-activities during the winter season

Our guests of the winterweek-program can add an extra activity for their day off. Also if you live nearby and just want to visit us, you can join one of our activities. All guided trips have to be pre-booked to make sure that guide and - if needed - a car is available. We cannot guarantee extra-activities that have not been pre-booked. 

Sleddog journeys

There aren’t many loud moments at Eräkeskus, but when we harness the dogs it sounds like furies unleashed! After a short briefing in mushing’s techniques you will be able to enjoy the dog’s pure desire on pulling your sled. As soon as the run starts, silence reigns the dog team, leaving the runner’s sound on ice and the dog’s hackle the only sound you hear. We offer passenger journeys with a maximum of three persons (min. one child) on the sled or trips with your own dog-team. 

Short Tour for Beginners, 10 - 12 km, about 1 hour driving

  • Journey with own dog-team of 4 - 5 dogs per person € 155.-- 
  • Journey as passenger (max. 2 adults + 1 child per sled) € 225.-- (1 adult standing and steering the sled, 1 adult & 1 child sitting in the sled as passenger)
  • Journey as passenger on guide's sled € 100.--    
  • including Team of dogs, Sled theory and Guide

Longer Tour for Gourmets, 18 - 22 km, about 2 hours driving

  • Journey with own dog-team of 4 - 5 dogs per person € 210.--
  • Passenger-sled with 6 - 8 dogs for max. 2 adults and 1 child per sled € 300.-- (1 adult standing and steering the sled, 1 adult & 1 child sitting in the sled as passenger)
  • journey as passenger on guide´s sled € 120.--
  • including team of dogs, driving instructions, guide and lunch after the tour


Only 7 km away from Eräkeskus is the small nature-reserve of the Lakes Änäkäinen. We drive there by car and then start our showshoe hike around and over the lakes. They are surrounded by a beautiful hilly landscape, formed long ago by glaciers. Along the shores there are old forests or swamp areas. Depending on the thickness of the snow cover we can see remainings from earlier forest fires and from winter war between Russia and Finnland. Or we discover prints from foxes, wolves, lynx or wolverines in the snow. Our lunch we take on open fire or in the kota, before we head back to Erakeskus.

  • Price per person € 100.—
  • including snowshoes, ski poles, lunch, guide and transfers

Sleeping in the wilderness hut

You feel like sleeping in a typical Finnish wilderness hut, in our simple, but cosy log cabin Aittokoski for up to 10 persons? You feel ready to cook on a wooden oven? You feel like relaxing in a wooden sauna after a day of walking in the winter landscape? If your answer is „Yes“, then a night alone in the wilderness cabin is good for you! The cabin Aittokoski is located 30 km from us, if needed we can provide transfers. We explain you everything beforehand (wood, sauna, water, light etc.) and you will enjoy the silence all alone in the middle of Carelia’s nature.

Price per night/cabin € 135.-- for up to 4 persons without food
Supplement from 5th person € 25.--/person/night

Optional food package € 20.--/person/day (speecial diets: please order early enough!)
Optional transfers from/to Eräkeskus € 40.--/transfer, max. 8 persons
Optional bedlinen/towels € 15.--/person

Snowmobile journey

After car transfer of about 1 hour to the snowmobile-service in Ruunaa and a quick introduction, we will receive the necessary gear for the journey. Riding on our own snowmobiles we will discover lonely forest trails, frozen lakes and rivers for about 3 hours. Lunch is served on open fire during the tour. After the trip, transfer back to Eräkeskus.

Price per person with 1 scooter  € 260.--
2nd person riding on same snow mobile € 185.--

Minimum 2 participants needed

including transfers, snow mobile, fuel & oil, insurance (deductible € 650.— per accident), equipment, English speaking guide and lunch

A short while ago we had beautiful late summer - now autumn arrived with corresponding lower temperatures and nstable weather conditions. Autumn-hikes…

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