A Mix of Snow and Rain

Our 2nd week of Musher-workshop with 3 happy clients is over. Right now we have a guest-free week and train again all by oursleves. The weather-god is not yet sure, if it's autumn or winter. One day we have white on the ground, the other day it is raining again. Daylight is getting shorter all the time and changes from grey-in-grey to mystic-foggy-white to even a bit coloured, as it can be at that time of the year.

Because of the high humidity we still train the dogs a bit shorter than planned. Emma and Merlin are our break-clowns to keep us smiling on the trails. Our B-dogs run by now 12 - 14 km, the A-dogs go for 15 - 20 km, but have been on a few longer runs as well with more than 25km. The veterans do not like the wet weather and get a training break rather often.  We get new guests on the weekend, so we hope for a bit colder and more dry weather during the coming week! 

One of the autumn hikes with the workshop-guests was from Pälvekoski to the Änäkäinen Lakes. The other went north to the Aittokoski-Cabin. Hiking in Autumn needs good shoes and warm clothing. As soon as we make a break, you can feel the cold and the humidity. An open fire in the evening and a tasty desert are warming us up again nicely!

Also the Lelu-Pups are keeping us warm! On their daily walk - or rather jogging-loop - they get their energy out and have a lot of fun! "Slow down" is still unknown by them. The smallest are growing up and need more and more daily exercise... probably even more once there is real snow! But first we hope that the bears in the area go for hibernation and stop walking on the same trails like we do!